Here we are early in the season and people are asking the question that they asked at the end of the season last year.

Watching him in the first two games of the season I have observed this, he is not an aggressive quarterback. Last year they said, first-year, back offensive line, didn't have a good running back. This year, he should know the playbook, he has a huge star in Delvin Cook behind him, and the offensive line is blocking great.

Game one he only threw 10 times, 10 TIMES!! This time he had turnovers and threw interceptions that were born out of bad decisions.

So what now, what are the Minnesota Vikings going to do? Kirk played against a really good quarterback in Aaron Rodgers, who is playing in an offense that he doesn't like and has complained about several times. Why aren't the Packers struggling? Because Aaron is an aggressive quarterback and wants to win. So now, what does Kirk need to do to win? Why did we ever let Case Keenum go? He might have been really good and we could have used the money elsewhere. My final question, when do the Vikings give up on him?