I often hear people who live on either side of the bridges saying negative things about Duluth or Superior.  I know from a lot of people it's just them jesting to get a rise out of whoever they are talking to, but for some, it's like the Packers and Vikings rivalry and they are serious.

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I grew up in the Twin Ports area and thus far have lived in both Duluth and Superior.  It's really only been a couple of years now since I started legally residing in Superior because I was too cheap to switch my vehicles, license, and other things I legally should have when moving from state to state.

So after living legitimately in both cities, is there a big difference?  The short answer is no.  There are things like taxes that vary, and with the city tax in Superior being less than Duluth's, it makes sense to make larger purchases on this side if possible.  Both cities have areas that I would prefer not to live in, but what city doesn't have areas like that?  State fee wise, I will say my tab renewal for a one year old pickup was over $400 less in Wisconsin than Minnesota, so despite the cost to switch everything, it's already paid for the move.

Both cities offer decent dining out options with a few more to choose from in Duluth, and both offer plenty of amenities like gyms and parks.  Duluth has more shopping and retail choices since it does have the mall, but considering it's not far, the lacking in Superior isn't a big deal in my book.  One other thing to mention is that housing in Superior for the most part seems to cost less than in Duluth, but even that is changing to more with the current market situation.  Both cities of course have their own issues with local government leaders not always making the most sound choices, but at the end of the day, I personally don't see a big difference between Duluth and Superior living.

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