Apparently it's International Beach Cleanup Month.  That's news to me as it might be to you too.  While admittedly I don't go to the beach that often, I usually catch a lot of local and national news every week and hadn't heard a thing about it.

International Beach Cleanup Month is exactly what it sounds like.  People come together all over the world to help cleanup beaches.  This makes for a nicer areas for everyone to enjoy and of course if good for the environment.  While we may be getting to the time of year where you use beaches less in our area, it's a good time to do it before winter.  Plus it's cooler weather to be doing the work in.

The North Shore Surf Community is asking for your help with the cleanup of Stoney Point Beach.  It resides between Duluth and Two Harbors on the North Shore and a link to it's location is HERE.  Their cleanup event of the beach is on Saturday, September 19th, at Noon.  They will provide bags and buckets and also gloves for you to wear.  They do ask that your bring your own masks for when social distancing is not possible.  The weather looks good for the day and if you can get out, it will be some good fresh air and you'll be helping to make a difference in our world.

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