I am reluctant to say that it's springtime in the Twin Ports even though the calendar says it is.  I feel like we are pretty much skipping the spring season and will be heading right to summer.

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Temps will be getting better soon no matter the season, and that means people will be thinking of composting more.  Composting food waste is a great way to reduce how much garbage you are sending to the landfill, and if not you, others can benefit from it.

Composting helps out the environment as it reduces methane emissions from landfills and using the results of it also reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.  It also enriches soils and helps suppress plant diseases and pests.

If you're not composting on your own, you can bring waste for composting to the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District, or WLSSD.  For items to compost, think of anything edible.  That means items like raw or cooked foods, fruits, breads, vegetables, leaves, and even coffee grounds.

Items not acceptable would be things like pet waste, kitty liter, liquids, plastics, or dirt and rocks.  Also, make sure you deliver the compostable goods in a bag that is biodegradable.

What's great is that not only does WLSSD offer eight locations around the Twin Ports to drop-off compostable material, at some you can even score ready-to-go compost for your own gardening projects.  If you have any questions about what to bring or how to get compost you can call WLSSD at 218-722-3336 for more information.

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