Don Henley recently confirmed that the Eagles won't tour anymore after the passing of Glenn Frey.  The final performance as a group was most likely the tribute they played to Frey with Jackson Browne.  So this brings and end to an era of Eagles music. 

After their 1994 album "Hell Freezes Over" came out, I newly discovered the eagles.  I was only a teenager at the time, but I was going through a serious classic rock stage growing up on the Iron Range where there wasn't much else to listen to.  That's how I learned all these songs and so much about the artists even though I was a young kid.

Something about the Eagles struck a chord with me.  Party because there were these songs and riffs that I could play on my own guitar.  I learned most of the eagles songs and could sing and play them for memory at one point.  I was part of a high school garage band and we even played "Hotel California at a pep rally."

I was lucky enough to get a chance to see them perform at the then newly built Excel Energy Center in the early 2000's.  They opened up the show with spotlights on them singing Seven Bridges Road.   It was a great concert and it was pretty great experience.

But, as it seems to be happening more and more, those days are gone.  It was tough enough to see Glenn pass, and reality sinks in that the Eagles are done.   Sadly, this is just the beginning for some our favorite groups.

So, in conclusion, if you have a chance to see them in concert.  GO!