Joe Elliott was missing for a portion of Def Leppard's inaugural Hysteria on the High Seas cruise, after suffering vocal issues.

He faltered before a full-band concert aboard the MSC Divina, having already taken part in an unplugged storytellers concert and VIP reception at the ship's Pantheon Theatre. There, Def Leppard also paid tribute to David Bowie, who recently passed. But Def Leppard was forced to cut short the next show, only performing seven songs.

Eddie Trunk, who served as an on-board emcee, confirmed that Def Leppard members Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell filled in, as did Last in Line's Andrew Freeman, Mr. Big's Eric Martin and Kip Winger – all of whom were featured during this at-sea concert event. You can see fan-shot video of several of these performances below.

Elliott also suffered problems with his voice last November, blaming biker exhaust during a stop at Sturgis, N.D. Last weekend, he reportedly offered free tickets to disappointed cruise fans for future shows in their hometowns.

News later emerged that Jimmy Bain, 68-year-old bassist with Last in Line, had died in his cabin - adding an element of tragedy to Hysteria on the High Seas. Campbell, who is a member of Def Leppard and Last in Line, led an emotional tribute performance in Bain's honor during the cruise.

Trunk went on to take issue with the trek being labeled the "cruise from hell" in a TMZ report, insisting that most of the passengers "had a great time."

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