While I do like beer, I've always been more of a whisky guy.  When I do buy beer, I always end up with excess bottles or cans in my fridge.  Good for people I have over, kind of a waste for me.

One of my favorite area craft brewers now offers something smaller than a growler but larger than a can of beer and I dig it.  Lake Superior Brewing, founded in 1994, and Minnesota's oldest microbrewery now has what they call "Crowlers" for purchase in their taproom.

These 750ml cans equal over 2 pints of beer in a handy dandy can.  You'll notice the size difference compared to a 12 ounce can of soda.  For me, this is perfect.  It keeps longer than a growler and it's not quite the volume, meaning I'll actually drink it promptly after opening it.

Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Photo Credit: Joe Danger


You can snag these Crowlers at the Lake Superior Brewing Taproom in Duluth and if you haven't tried their Riptide IPA yet, try it while you're there or grab it to go.

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