Mother's Day 2021 is on Sunday, May 9th.  I'm better than I used to be at remembering to get something for Mum, but with COVID-19 as an excuse for everything still, you might be experiencing shipping delays like me.

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I ordered a few items that promised next day shipping with only a couple of days delivery time.  A couple of those were ordered a month ago and still have not arrived.  So what can you do if you end up in a similar spot or if you're reading this now and forgot about it completely?

Improvise of course.  The easiest thing to do is order flowers and I've learned to actually have them delivered early because if you have a mother like mine who works different hours, she can enjoy them longer.  Let's say you want to do more than flowers though.  You generally can't go wrong with a gift card from a store she shops at all of the time, like Kohl's.  I've also had success with getting her chocolate covered strawberries.  I don't mean ones from the grocery store, I mean ones from a place like the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  If you're in the Twin Ports, they have two locations in Duluth and you still have time to order them for a Sunday morning pickup.

Whatever you decide to do, moms generally appreciate just some kind of effort and thought going into the day dedicated to them.  Think of all you've put them through, they deserve a special day.

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