Remember that one day we had recently where we saw really warm temperatures and then the next day it was gone? I sure do.

It has been a wet, gloomy and cool April for the Duluth and Superior area and now that we are through it, it's time to do a little reflection. It all got me thinking: when was the last time we saw temperatures in the seventies in the area?

WDIO Meteorologist Brandon Weathers must have read my mind because he answered this exact question on his Facebook page Friday (April 30th), which also happens to be the last day of the month.

He shared the news that Duluth hasn't been in the seventies since November of last year. That's right - the last time we were that warm here was back in 2020! It has definitely been a long, slow crawl towards spring and summer.

Other spots across the Northland had it much easier, including Hibbing and Ashland. All of those spots saw warm temperatures early in April but we didn't quite make it there here in Duluth.

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What also stuck out to me was that it had been nearly two-hundred days for the Duluth area since we had hit the seventies. When you count out the days, it really shows just how long we went without warm weather.

The great news is May is here and it looks like summer temperatures are on the way. While anything can happen when it comes to weather in the Twin Ports, things usually calm down quite a bit in May. This should be the case now that our La Niña winter is over.

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By the way, the Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting a mild month of May for Duluth and Superior so that is something to look forward to!

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