I take pride in the fact that I'm the brother you can call when you are going to make a questionable decision.  Being the oldest of eight, I've made some poor buying choices over the years, so I have some wisdom on what not to do.  On the flip side, sometimes the call comes in because they know that I still buy things impulsively, because I'm still fun.

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When my brother who moved to Shoreview, MN recently, called and asked my availability to check out a car with him in Stillwater, I was game.  Not only because I needed to drive it for him and then teach him to drive a manual, but also because the car sounded ridiculous.  He said it was a 1991 Dodge Spirit R/T which I barely remember that being a car.  This version of what is essentially a K-Car, yep, a grandma car, was only made for two years and has the Turbo iii, or T3 engine.

The shortest version I can give you is that they put a decently fast for time time engine, into a not so thrilling car.  The one that my brother was looking at had a recently rebuilt engine, manual transmission, and just a few engine upgrades to help with longevity.  Now, I've owned a ridiculous number of cars over the years, some fast, and some slow.  The fast ones usually looked cool though.  This K-Car is pretty damn zippy for what it is, and upon test drive, I got some looks with the turbo blow-off valve doing it's thing while ripping down a city street.  I mean, who expects that from a car that looks like this?

He ended up pulling the trigger and taking this home with the plans of new paint, minor interior work, and basically restoring it to it's original 1991 grandma glory.  We suffered a minor breakdown while doing a driving lesson but had a fun day all around picking up something ridiculous.  I'm glad my siblings can count on me to help with that.

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