Depending on your permit area, Minnesota Deer Rifle Season opens on Saturday, November 4th.

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I personally won't be hunting this year as I live in Wisconsin and my family hunts in Minnesota.  While I'll hang out, I can't justify the cost of the out-of-state license to hunt in an area with very few deer in recent years.

Hunting or not, hanging at the deer shack is a family tradition for many and it's generally a pretty damn good time.  Here is a look at my annual reminders for those who play it kind of loose when it comes to deer season and tend to be "last minute Jones", when preparing.

Buy your Minnesota Deer Hunting License early

Don't wait until you're on the way to the shack on Friday night before opener to swing into Fleet Farm or wherever you get your license.  Generally, then you will find a long line, just prolonging the trip to the shack to start drinking.  Also, know your zone in advance and be ready with that so when you're in line, you're not the one holding things up.

Bring enough booze to the deer shack

I'm sure you've seen it too.  At some point on opening weekend someone who decided to cheap out is out of beer.  It's that or by 45 years they old still can't estimate what they will drink and need to go on a beer run.  This often times puts pressure on the sober or soberish one in the group to go with someone on a run which of course we know what the consequences can be.  At a minimum, don't wait until 8PM on a Saturday to figure out you don't have enough to drink.  Add to the list your smokes, chew, and other things you might run out of.

Bring cash to the deer shack

This one might seem odd but think about it.  How many times does a last-minute poker game come up at night?  Or maybe a bet on who takes the first or biggest deer?   Or if someone is coming into the shack after you and picking up something from the store for you.  I know we're in Venmo days for many, but plenty still don't operate that way.  So, keep some cash with you just in case.

Buy fresh ammo before deer season

Depending on how you store your ammunition, it might be a good idea to just grab a new box of shells each year.  I've known people who have ten plus year old boxes of shells and then have gone to pull the trigger and it just goes "click".  You don't want to miss out on that deer because you went cheap and didn't buy new ammo recently.

Take pictures at the deer shack

Obviously, all of the deer shack shenanigans don't need to be documented but a few pics of the crew are always good to take.  If you don't, my mom will yell at you for not getting any of everyone together and while she doesn't yell often, it's not good when she does.  Seriously though, usually deer shack weekends are good memories so snap a few pics when you can.

There are plenty of other things to remember for a Minnesota Deer Hunting weekend, what would you add to the list?

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