I went to the St. Louis County Auditor Service Center connected to the Miller Hill Mall today and I was expecting a line, but not as long as it was.  My initial plan was to get there a half hour before they opened at 9:00AM, that plan didn't work out.  I ended up there at about 9:50.

The socially distanced line was long, with about 30 people in it, and workers from the service center and security were working through the line to see what people needed.  The almost hour that it took for me to renew my tabs actually seemed to go fast as I made friends with the people in front of and behind me, and the sun was out.  My buddy Paul even showed up after about 15 minutes of waiting, so I had another person to chat with.

St. Louis County Auditor Line of People- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
St. Louis County Auditor Line of People- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

They do have a drop box with a one hour pickup for tabs, but I lost my renewal slip because I'm bad at being an adult.  Despite the amount of people, the staff was incredibly kind and patient, unlike the crabby people at the Grand Avenue location. Also, it's nice that they are checking with you while in line on what you are doing in case you forget something, so you can leave and not waste your time.  You do need to wear a mask when inside, so keep that in mind if you go.  Also be aware, there are reports from others are that the lines are like in the photo, everyday.

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