I don't even know what day of the pandemic it is. How long have we been at home? What else is there left to watch? Tiger King is gone, I've caught up with all my regular shows, and Netflix is pretty picked over. What next? Well if you have a taste for the paranormal, here's something you should check out. History Channel is currently in it's second season of the William Shatner hosted 'The UnXplained.'

The UnXplained's title really sums it up. Each episode the show casts a light on unexplained mysteries of the world. I've done some fact checking as well because some of the stuff is so crazy that you would think it was made up. The show tackles strange events like near death experiences, evil places throughout the world, mysterious stones like crystal skulls, weather phenomenons, and more.

What I like about the show is that it does a good job of balancing expert facts along with the simple statement that "we dont' know." It's not trying to spin some far fetched idea on you as some of the other paranormal shows. You can still watch this without thinking you're losing your mind.

William Shatner still has it, too. He's great in this and I can't think of a better person to whisper 'The Unxplained" in dramatic fashion. He's great, and this show is a fun easy watch that will definitely intrigue your mind. Check it out on History Channel Saturdays at 9 central, or on demand with your TV provider subscription.

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