Every year for the 4th it's been tradition to come up to Gilbert from Duluth and camp at Lake Ore-Be-Gone.  Now some people say it's kind of like camping on a parking lot and well, it kind of is.  But the views of the lake from many of the sites are great and at the end of the day it's more the company while camping I care about.  We have a good group of people of all ages that set campers up and it's never a bad time.

The Iron Range throws many a good street dances and parties for the 4th holiday and what's great about where we camp is the Gilbert Street Dance is just a few minute walk away.

I only caught a set and a half last night but the band Loose Change was rocking the street dance this year.  I have only heard about these guys and was glad to finally catch them.  They crank out a lot of fun music, from Alice In Chains to Bon Scott era AC/DC, they have a good set that gets the crowd going.  The lead singer and guitarist, Nicholas Grivette, belts out solid vocals while bending strings like he means it.  If you missed them last night make sure you catch them next time they are close to you for a good rocking time.

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