Fairlawn Mansion in Superior quite often has specials on tours and great events for the whole family to participate in.  Their next event falls on the weekend of the Lake Superior Ice Festival, and it's all about creating something out of snow.

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Starting Friday, January 29th from Noon-4:00PM, and also running Saturday from 10:00Am-4:00PM, and Sunday from Noon-4:00PM, the whole family is invited.  You can get creative and make whatever kind of snow creation you want.  A snowperson, snowdog, a snow anything that you want to show off for everyone to see.

If you stop by the gift shop Superior Public Museums will be checking out spray bottles with color dye, to make your creation really stand out.  Fairlwan will also be offering half-priced tours for the three days.  Tours our limited to 8 people, so keep that in mind, and the last tour everyday leaves at 3:00PM, so plan accordingly.

This is a great event to get the whole family outdoors for some socially distanced fun and fresh air.  Plus, the half-priced tours make it a great time to check out Fairlawn if you haven't seen it before.  You can get more information on this event and also booking your tour time HERE.  Fairlawn Mansion in Superior is located at 906 E 2nd Street.  You can also call them to get more details at 715-394-5712.

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