I have been pretty well behaved during the pandemic as far as not spending money on things I don't really need.  A few weeks back though, the Motorhead Store sent me an email advertising a newer product and their advertising did what it was supposed to.

My new drinking mug is their studded tankard.  This thing is heavy duty and features a 3D Warpig logo on each side and a horn for the handle.  The outer mug material is a resin, and it's heavy.  It holds an inner stainless steel insert that's washable as they advise to only clean the resin surface with a damp cloth.

Motorhead Tankard and Insert- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Motorhead Tankard and Insert- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

I am enjoying a beer in it as I type this, and I am pleased with it so far.  It does lack grip on the bottom though, so it's probably best placed on a coaster.  It holds about 16.9 ounces so you can just get a pounder in there.  The note that came with it says, "This product is recommended for ornamental use only".  I didn't buy it to just look at it on a shelf, so we'll see how it holds up long term.  It's for sale in the Motorhead Store for $65.00 but I scored it for $49.00 and free shipping on Amazon.  The company that makes it is called Nemesis and they have some other pretty badass stuff you might like or that would make good gifts for the music fan in your life.  Check them out here.

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