I've been doing business with Affinity Plus Credit Union in Duluth for many years now and recently they moved their branch to a brand new built from the ground up building on Maple Grove Road in Duluth.

With online banking nowadays I don't end up visiting my brick and mortar credit union very often.  Good because it's more convenient that way, bad because I don't get to see the staff that I've come to appreciate.  I stopped in to the new location last week and really liked what I saw.

The first thing you'll notice is the natural lighting, it's designed so it doesn't feel like the stuffy banking institutions of old.  It's set up so that you can stand at one of the teller booths or go into individual offices to handle your transactions.  Affinity also put a Mac at one of the counters so if you did want to do anything online involving your account you can handle that there as well.

The new branch has a nice seating and waiting area with comfortable chairs and a nicely stocked refreshment counter.  Something unique and neat is the addition of a Wellness Room.  It's basically a Zen room, so if an employee or a customer needs some time to chill, rest, relax, or just think, there is a safe and quiet place to do that.

Affinity now has drive up teller windows, the old Duluth location wasn't set up for those.  They also added is a drive up ATM.  Should there be a waiting line at these, Affinity has information screens set up so you can kill time that way instead of playing on your phone.

After seeing the new bright and modern Affinity Plus Branch in person I might just have to find more excuses to visit more often and handle my transactions a little less online.  See if for yourself at 1820 Maple Grove Road in Duluth, Minnesota.


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