To start I'll say that my girlfriend is a bigger football fan than me.  Especially when it comes to The Vikings.  I will say I would much rather watch sports in person rather than on TV.  We have found it's cheaper to go to a pre-season game than a regular season one when buying well in advance.  We caught the first pre-season game in the stadium last year and had a great time.  The pre-season game we were at this year was on Sunday night against The 49ers.

We arrived at about 5:00PM with a 7:00PM start time.  Which left plenty of time to funnel around blocked off areas to the security screening entrance we were supposed to be at.  Before we left there was the hotel Google session of what is allowed to be carried in.  The item in question was a small wrist purse that my girlfriend wanted to bring.  We found the page we needed right here.  However after reading the part saying "small clutch bags that are 5"x7" are allowed" we thought back to last year and swear we saw people with bigger non clear bags.  We opted to keep it at the hotel.  Of course we show up and there are people with bags bigger than she had (her bag was about 5"x10") being let in.

-Joe Danger

We found our seats and headed to the nearest vendor to get a Bloody Mary.  Last year we had them and they were cheaper than a beer and actually tasted great.  I'm not sure if it was just the bar we were at or if it was the actual way they do things, but our bartender said they don't have them for night games.  We were pretty bummed as we have been telling people for a year how good they are.  We settled for Crown and whatever as a mixer.  Later my girlfriend switched to beer and somehow Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss is considered a "craft beer" by the stadium so it brings a higher price tag than a standard domestic.

-Joe Danger

I haven't been to the stadium for a concert yet, but I have heard mixed and mostly negative on how that sounds.  For a game it's pretty easy to clearly hear almost everything being announced, and that has been in lower level seats both times.  If you bring young kids, please have ear plugs for them.  Many had their hands covering their ears due to the volume level.  Bathroom lines aren't too long usually, the food is priced high but is ok.  Skip The State Fair Blue Moon Cheese Curds, that is an overpriced fail.

Maybe it's because I'm not a big enough football fan, but I don't find it necessary to be screaming "come on D" or" come on O" when they can't even hear you and it's a preseason game that doesn't matter.  Of course two of those people were within a couple rows of us, it actually went from obnoxious to comical, the booze may have helped that on my end.

Overall it's a nice and clean facility.  I heard from others that compared to other stadiums, they prefer it.  It's worth catching a game there at least once just to see it, especially if you are a bigger fan of football than me.  The Vikings won, barely, but a win is a win I guess, even in pre-season when it doesn't count.