While I personally don't have a Mustang, I do have a 1966 Galaxie 500 and regardless, I appreciate most performance and muscle type cars no matter the make and model.  Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 is not only National Mustang Day but also the celebration of the Mustang's 55th birthday.  It's a day when the Mustang world unites by taking their cars out to drive and show off.

One of the biggest celebrations in the Twin Ports area will be happening at Benna Ford Roush in Superior, WI.  The Twin Ports Mustang and Ford Club will be there showing off their rides and even if you don't own a Mustang, you can come out and enjoy them.  You'll be seeing brand new ones and of course all the classics from over the decades.

The event is being celebrated in the evening too, starting at 5:30PM and running until 7:00PM, so a perfect stop once you're off work.  Benna Ford Roush is located at 3022 Tower Avenue.

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