Last year when my accountant went to to file my taxes, it was kicked backed saying I had already filed.  It turned out that someone had used my information in some scam attempt, and led me to having to file identity theft paperwork.

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I owed the IRS around $1700, which still baffles me that is possible when I work three jobs and claim zero.  Anyway, I was told by my accountant to wait and see what the IRS says back with the dual returns and the identify theft form filed.  It was November when I received the first of two letter from the IRS.  They needed to confirm the appropriate tax return, the issue I had was that the phone number on there to call was disconnected.  I of course thought maybe this is part of the initial scam attempt, so I tried called the IRS phone number right off of their website.

I made around a dozen phone call attempts over the course of two weeks.  On some, I got a message saying to call back when it was less busy.  On others, I go through to the on-hold music and waited for well over an hour and on two of those occasions the phone just hung up.  I tired this calling them process again around January and it was the same.  Now, after filing my 2020 taxes, they still have not contacted me again regarding the 2019 year.

The advice I received from my accountant today was to just wait.  Just be patient because many IRS agents had been working from home due to the pandemic.  While I get that, what irks me is that I have interest accruing on money that I owe, money that I can't pay because it doesn't even show up as me owning it online.  The point of all of this?  If you want to talk to a person at the IRS, I wish you good luck.  Do what's best for you but I'm going to follow the advice of my accountant and just wait until they reach out again.  If you haven't and want to sign up for the online IRS account to keep up with as much as they have updated, you can do that HERE.

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