Try not to drool as you read this story. Northern Waters Smokehaus has announced a few new additions to their menu.

The Canal Park deli has added four new mouth-watering sandwiches to their menu to be exact.

The sandwiches originated from Northern Waters Smokehaus itself. According to a press release from the company, staff were able to submit their favorite sandwich creations for review. It is from those ideas that these beautiful sandwiches were born.

Take a look at the new creations and read what they are all about:

Courtesy of Northern Waters Smokehaus

The Salmon Melt is described as a fresh take on a classic sandwich with a smoked salmon pâté spin on the tuna melt.


Courtesy of Northern Waters Smokehaus

The Catbus is dubbed a "savory" and "toasty" kimchi sandwich on baked rye. The inspiration behind it is Japanese pizza.


Courtesy of Northern Waters Smokehaus

The Sorta-Torta is an "ode to the sandwiches of Mexico" with bright and spicy dry-cured chorizo and fresh jalapeño pepper slides on a sandwich.


Courtesy of Northern Waters Smokehaus

The Alings Considered is modeled after the sandwiches of Scandinavia featuring Atlantic salmon gravlax and a Nordic slaw with thinly-sliced lemon, radish and fresh dill. 

Two sandwiches from last year will also be added to the menu: the Sebu-Chan and the Wagner.

As if these don't sound delicious enough, here's more reason to try out the new treats. The Food Network just named the local hot spot the best deli place in Minnesota and one of the best in all of the country. Eat up!!

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