The Twin Ports area has a lot of medical professionals and they are on their feet quite a bit. Nike to the rescue.

The popular athletic shoemaker is venturing into shoes made specifically for medical workers, the Nike Air Zoom Pulse is for "nurses, doctors, home health providers and others who work tirelessly to support patients" says Nike.

Nike describes the new design as a "traditional clog made athletic — all the arch and posture support of that industry favorite is augmented in the Pulse, with a smooth capacity for natural motion."

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In the design process of the shoe, Nike spent time testing and getting insight from medical workers and they found that the average nurse will walk 4 to 5 miles during a 12-hour shift, and will be lucky to sit for only an hour of that shift.

To celebrate the launch Nike is releasing some special versions of the Air Zoom Pulse designed by patients and the proceeds will benefit the OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital. Look for the shoes at on December 7th.


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