Christmas time can be stressful enough with the money you spend, add to it shopping for certain items in Downtown Duluth and having to find and pay for parking too, and Amazon Prime sounds pretty good for gifting.  I'll add to all of that the City of Duluth's inability to clean up during and after snowfall, making this guy not want to go down there.

The city though has made Christmas or any shopping downtown a little nicer this season with free parking at meters and kiosks.  They are doing this together with Downtown Duluth businesses, and even Canal Park has free parking.

Please note this is not in the ramps, just on-street parking and covers Superior Street from 8th Avenue East to 6th Avenue West, First Street and Michigan Street from 4th Avenue East to 6th Avenue West, and all of the avenues between Michigan and First Street from 3rd Avenue East to 6th Avenue West.  This free parking runs through December 31st, 2019.

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