It's been a very warm July so our temperatures Monday night felt a little bit cooler than usual.

Thanks to a slight drop in temperature, we felt mild overnight for the first time in awhile across the Northland. It was so chilly in fact, that two towns in Minnesota actually saw record breaking low temperatures.

The two lucky spots? Hibbing and International Falls! Both Hibbing and International Falls hit 37 degrees Tuesday (July 30th) morning.

A good portion of the rest of the state saw cool temperatures too - just not record breaking. A majority of Minnesota actually dropped into the 40s.

I am definitely not ready for fall or winter yet .- especially after the brutal start to the year that we had. However, I do not mind some mild temperatures like this.

This is sure a big change from the heat wave we've been dealing with throughout the month of July. If only mother nature would make up her mind!

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