A Red Flag Warning has been issued by The Duluth Fire Department for Park Point Beaches.  The warning is in effect until at least 10:00AM on Tuesday, June 30th.

Not that you are going to be out swimming if it's raining and 66 degrees, but if it does warm up enough, keep this in mind.  The conditions currently can cause dangerous rip currents and everyone is encouraged to stay out of the water regardless of swimming experience.  They also want to remind everyone that for at least today, June 29th, there are no lifeguards on duty at Park Point.

The Duluth Fire Department does have surf condition flags at the 12th Street Beach, Lafayette Square, and the Park Point Beach House.

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You can get more information on current conditions, as well as what's open or isn't, and other advisory notices on The Park Point Beach Website.  The website also has helpful tips to keep in mind when visiting the beach with COVID-19 going on, and also keeps you informed of bacteria levels at the various beaches.  I just wanted to throw out the reminded that Lake Superior's rip currents can be dangerous at any time of the year, as I knew someone personally who fell victim to them years ago.  So if they are saying to stay out of the water, it's probably much worse than usual.


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