On Thanksgiving Eve I was able to make it out to Players Sports Bar and catch some live music.  A friend was drumming in his new band and I needed a fun night out with some Jameson and rock music.  The band call themselves "Runaway" and they had Players packed an hour before they even started playing.

Shawn Bourgeault, Jay Fosle, and Joe Fosle make up the trio of which two are former members of a Duluth favorite band, "Inside Out".  Not only do they crank up previous "Inside Out" set lists but they also have added more material to give a good '80s rocking to anyone listening.  You'll hear stuff ranging from Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Foreigner, and a whole lot more.

They are back at it again tomorrow night the 30th, this time rocking The Buffalo House.  If you like rock and roll and especially if you are a Sasquatch 106.5 fan, you'll enjoy their show.  They hit the stage at 8PM and crank out the tunes until midnight.  Find out a bit more about the show and the band here.



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