One of the things I hear people say quite often in the Duluth area is that no concerts come here.  As someone who has been a part of bringing shows here, what I can tell you is that a show will come and people give excuses to not go. Things are spoken such as "it's on a weeknight", "I only like a couple of their songs", or "I only like one of the bands playing", so they don't go.  After hearing the excuses for many years I have come to the conclusion that people won't change, they want more live music in our area but won't support what does come through so promoters can't afford to bring more.

I'm posting this later than I meant to, but tonight there will be some great live music at The Red Herring Lounge.  Scott Holt is the headliner with Virgil Caine Band supporting and playing everything from jazz, rock, country and the blues, there will be a sound for almost everyone.  If you can make it out tonight, please do and help support local promoters and our music scene in the Twin Ports.  The show starts at 7PM at The Red Herring Lounge located at 208 East 1st Street in Duluth, MN and is just $13 at the door. More information can be found here.

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