I've been on a bit of a kick lately with AC/DC.  They're no doubt one of my favorite rock groups of all time.   It was interesting when I stumbled on this YouTube video of the first 'famous' AC/DC frontman Bon Scott back when he was a bubblegum pop singer.   Also to be fair, I found a video of Brian Johnson in his glam days.  Check it out.

First Bon Scott, who was a kick ass front man who unfortunately died in 1980 after a night out in London.  Check him out in the 60's in the group 'The Valentines.'


Yep, that's Bon Scott on back up vocals.  It's not quite the image you would associate with the legendary rocker, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Next, let's look at Brian Johnson.  He replaced Bon Scott after he died and did lead vocals for 'Back In Black' - the second biggest album of all time.   Before he got the call to join AC/DC he was in a glam rock band 'Geordie.'


And that's a little dose of classic rock history.  Thanks for checking it out.