A lot of classic groups are touring together this year, from John Fogerty and ZZ Top, to Journey and Def Leppard and now Whitesnake and Foreigner.

It makes sense if you think about it, sure a band like Whitesnake can pull a decent crowd but how many more can you pack into a place when you have more than one classic rock act the same night.  It goes from a show to an event that way and will of course draw more people and that means more money.

Foreigner and Whitesnake are on what's dubbed the "Juke Box Heroes" tour on Friday night in Maine.  Whitesnake is supporting Foreigner as a "Special Guest" on the run so you most likely will only get a ten or so song set out of them, so don't expect any deep cuts if you catch them live.  On the note of seeing these two groups together, it doesn't look like anything is scheduled for Minnesota at this point.  If you do catch them, here is a taste of what you will see.


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