Christmas will be here before we know it and it's going to be a different time of year for many families.  With the COVID-19 pandemic flaring up in the Twin Ports area and in many parts of the country, people are going to be traveling less out of choice or restrictions.  You of course can still have Christmas, and have a tree, even if the group at your place isn't the size it normally is.

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Since it has been a less than favorable year for many, why not Christmas tree shop and drink some beer.  This brilliant idea actually makes me want to buy one this year, instead of just putting the fake one up.  It starts on November 28th and runs through December 13th at Earth Rider Brewery's taproom, the Cedar lounge.

They have teamed up with Duluth Flower Farm to offer fresh decorations from trees to wreaths to pick from.  As a bonus, if you buy a tree from them, they will let you dispose of it there for free when you are done.

Trees range in price from $24.95-$49.95 and are offered in Balsam fir as well as Wild Black Spruce.  There are several fully decorated wreath options too which range from $24.95-$34.95.  Buying a Christmas tree and drinking beer sounds like a good new family tradition to me.  You can get more information about specific hours of operation or find out how to contact the Cedar Lounge HERE.


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