The Aerial Lift Bridge will have some work done on the sidewalks.

The sidewalks have needed a facelift and construction has begun. Don't worry you will always be able to use one side or the other, they are not stopping people from walking over the bridge to get to the other side.

There is some work that has needed to be done over the years and it's been roughly about a decade since some work has been done on the sidewalks, since the work has been done on the bridge, it's time to catch up the sidewalks.

Like I said before, the press release says the crews will always be working to restore the sidewalks because both sides need it, but there will be a side open to cross the bridge. Over the years with locals and tourists crossing to get to Park Point and back again, there has been wear and tear.

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People cross the bridge no matter what the season is. Winter salt and sand, Spring rain, Summer Heat, and more foot traffic, and Fall with people enjoying the colors on both sides, plus the lake water splashing up when the storms pass through. You have seen when the lake kicks up water over the sides of the canal and then whips over the bridge and pounds the sidewalks and drive area.

Contractors will be working from 7 am to 3:30 pm. The City of Duluth said on their webpage that the side being worked on will be closed for 24 hours while the crews make the necessary changes and upgrades, then that side will open.

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