An audiophile is someone that is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction.  That covers a large base of people that are into various types of audio equipment that supports equipment in all stages of the sound production business.

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Anyone into that sort of stuff knows two things, good equipment isn't cheap to buy new, and finding decent used equipment can be a challenge.  There are plenty of online stores that sell those kinds of things, but seeing the gear in person and knowing it was owned by a reputable company before you buy it makes a big difference.

Sound Central, T&E Concert Services and Audio Visual Resources is going to be having a sale soon that's sure to be worth checking out.  They are moving the company operations and have a whole variety of various items that many audiophiles might enjoy getting their hands on.  The sale starts on Friday, February 19th and runs through the 21st, from 10:00AM-6:00PM.

It will be in person at 500 S. 59th Avenue W., in studio 202.  Some of what you will find will be new, and of course a lot of used things too.  Their selection will also include quite a few drum heads, so let the drummer in your life know.  While they will take cards, there is a small service fee for that nd cash is preferred.  They also want to remind everyone to wear a mask to help with the social distancing.  You can find out more about Sound Central and get an idea of what they might have up for grabs at the sale HERE.


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