Like many businesses Spirit Mountian was hit extremely hard during the pandemic amid its many staffing changes and canceled events plus not having skiers and snowboarders out on the hills, it was a bad situation. But things have turned around being under new management and also offering a variety of programs year-round including their mountain bike trail.

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But in order to celebrate Fall and all the beautiful colors you can see both at Spirit Mountian and the surrounding area they are offering a promotion next week called "Fall Colors Dinner and Chairlift Ride." According to the Spirit Mountain Facebook Page the event is:

Celebrate the beauty autumn has to offer with Spirt Mountain’s inaugural Fall Colors Dinner and Scenic Chairlift Ride on Thursday, September 30. For only $40 per couple (or $20 individual), guests can ride the chairlift – taking in the St. Louis River estuary, Duluth-Superior Harbor and Lake Superior – while surrounded by some of the most spectacular fall colors in the northland and also enjoy one of three delicious fall dinner options in the Great Room of the Grand Avenue Chalet.

Space is limited so make your reservations here! Make sure to get signed up before it is too late. What a fun night this would be whether it's a romantic date or just hanging out with a friend or family member to be able to enjoy a nice dinner and then sit high above the ground in a chairlift taking in all the colors with such a panoramic view. I say good job Spirit Mountian, here is the hope we get a lot of snow this year and not too cold of temperatures!

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