There are a lot of people that say it's not safe to go to the grocery store because you are interacting with so many people.

Super One grocery stores have found a way to keep their employees safe and make it safer to pick up your weekly groceries or just grab a few things if that's all you need.

The Northland Super One stores have installed plastic acrylic barriers at all the cashier stations so that they can slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Fox 21 News is reporting that 41 of their grocery and liquor stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan will be fitted with the new acrylic barriers.

So, what if the acrylic barriers are carrying the Coronavirus? Fox 21 News reports that Super One Foods is wiping them down many times over during the day and after closing time in order to keep the barriers disinfected.

Fox 21 News also reports that Super One recommends using a credit card, but the cashiers will wear gloves if you pay by cash.



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