A shooting took place in the Lincoln Park area. It appears to stem from a drug deal gone bad. Jericho Nexari Alexander of Duluth was charged with felony second-degree assault and drive by shooting and is currently being held in the St. Louis County Jail.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, a drug deal was taking place early Tuesday morning. Alexander robbed the man of 100 dollars and then took off. He hid in a camper near 24th ave W and 2nd street. While he was hiding in the camper, he pulled a gun out of his waistband, according to another person in the camper.  Those people say they didn't know Alexander.

The person who was robbed (who was actually trying to allegedly buy drugs from Alexander), heard that Alexander rack the slide on his gun and ran away.

The people that were in the camper tried to find the victim and a woman connected to the situation. They were worried about her safety. The woman is thought to have initially set up the drug deal.  While the camper occupants were looking for the woman and the victim, a car drove by that appeared to have the woman inside. Then, according to the complaint, the driver of the vehicle fired several shots towards the camper occupants and sped off. Several houses were hit by stray gunfire.

After a vehicle chase, the Duluth Police Department were able to apprehend Alexander. a K-9 unit found the discarded gun. A search of the vehicle found a ski mask, and empty shell casings.

Alexander faces a minimum of 1 year and a day in prison for the second degree assault charge and up to 7 years and or $14,000 fine. For the drive by shooting he is facing a maximum of 10 years in prison.

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