Try not to let your mouth water too hard at the latest addition to Taco Bell's menu: the the Crispy Tortilla Chicken taco!

Okay - so it isn't an addition to the menu just yet but according to, it will be at some point in 2020. The new item will begin its test run in a few select spots beginning on Thursday, November 21st. From there, the fast food chain expects to add it to menus everywhere after the first of the year.

So what exactly is this new menu item? Marinated pieces of chicken in a jalapeño buttermilk ranch sauce coated with tortilla chips and bread crumbs and cut in a tender shape. The pieces of chicken are then placed inside a soft shell and topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese and an avocado ranch sauce.

The chain is really branching out, though. They are also offering just the pieces of chicken as a meal sans shell. Three new dipping sauces will also be available for the chicken tenders: avocado ranch, creamy chipotle and a new chili ranch. Wow!

Many media outlets reporting on the news say this could be the chain's answer to the ever popular chicken sandwich craze making its way around the fast food world right now. Ha!

This is extra great news for us in the Northland, as Taco Bell locations seem to be popping up everywhere lately! In mid-November, a new location opened its doors in West Duluth and another is planned for London Road in Duluth.

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