I haven't had the best of luck with most pre-mixed cocktails.  By best of luck, I mean that I have spent a stupid amount of money over the years on them, and have usually been disappointed.  So it's pretty much been like spending money on insurance.

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On my way home the other night, I stopped in to Belknap Liquor to pick up a bottle of something for myself.  With bourbon on the brain, I ended up walking out with a bottle of Tattersall Old Fashioned.  I picked up this particular bottle before knowing what it was, and when I checked the back label, saw the word "Minnesota".

While I currently reside legally in Wisconsin, I identify as from Minnesota too, as that's where I spent most of my life and where I was born.  The label said "Made from 100% Minnesota-grown rye and aged in charred American White Oak barrels, then blended with Tattersall Sour Cherry Liqueur, bitters, sugar and orange".  That pretty much sealed the deal.  I poured it over ice like the label told me to do, and then went in for my first sip.  It's good for a pre-mix, though as everyone likes their cocktails a certain way, it was a little too bitter for my taste right out of the gate.  Mellowing with the ice for a few minutes cured that for my taste buds though, so don't let that scare you away.  While it's a little ways away from being a bar made Old Fashioned, it's up there for the pre-mixed cocktails that I've had.  It's one that I'll actually consider keeping in the cabinet for an easy after-work cocktail.

If you want to take this Minnesota made pre-mix to the next level add a Filthy Cherry, or maybe that and a little bit of the juice to your drink.  It's worth check out at least if you're a fan of Old Fashioned cocktails.  You can find out more about Tattersall, their Minneapolis location, and the soon to be open River Falls, WI location HERE.

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