I spent a couple of evenings at Bowfest 2019 and had a great time all around.  If you're a bow hunter they had some pretty sweet target setups including a giant sasquatch on the hill that I somehow didn't get a picture of.  The food and entertainment was good too and there were plenty of vendors for all of your bow hunting accessories and equipment.

There was an announcement on Friday night, saying that the Motor City Madman, Mr. Ted Nugent, is already booked for next year.  You'll also get regional bands during the days and for one of the nights another big name headliner is Charlie Daniels.  It's going to be a wild weekend, that's for sure.  Especially if Ted does some shooting which you know he will.

Until today at 6:00PM you can get a reduced rate on tickets for next year so you don't miss all of the action.  Right now they are only $79.99 and you can get them at Mont du Lac Resort or by calling 218-626-3797.  After this evening tickets will start at $99.99 for the world's largest 3D shooting and music festival.

You can get more information on their FACEBOOK Page, or by clicking here.

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