While I'm more of a hard rock and heavier kind of music guy, I do appreciate orchestral works too.  Combining the two is even better, think Metallica and their S&M work.  Let's not forget either, some of the great film scores that everyone knows or at least recognizes.

The Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra is going to be paying homage to some of the great film scores throughout the years.  From older classic films to newer ones, they have you covered at this upcoming show.  There will be music from Star Wars, Harry Potter, James Bond, Rocky, Lord of the Rings, Saturday Night Fever, and many more.

Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra Presents: A Night at the Movies, is on Saturday, October 26th, and starts at 7:00PM.  It's being held at the DECC Symphony Hall located at 350 Harbor Drive in Duluth.  You can get more specifics on the event including ticket pricing and other DSSO shows here.

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