Art classes and art instruction can be costly, especially if you want that instruction from experienced artists.

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While many adults and kids alike can make strides learning how to be better artists via online videos and other avenues, participating in actual guided art projects is generally a better way to learn.  When you have someone instructing you, you have access to viable feedback and support through the process, which can make it easier to learn.

The Duluth Art Institute has done great work through the pandemic providing classes to the community in an online format, helping to keep people safe.  With a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases, they are continuing to present classes online, and some of them are free to be a part of.  Their next event will be on Saturday, November 20th from 11:00AM-12:30PM.  It's open to individuals of all ages but adult supervision and assistance is recommended for younger people.

Additionally, pre-registration is required to participate in the free class, as there is a limited number they are setup to accommodate.  Upon registration, you will be on a list with the Duluth Art Institute, and you will have to pick up your supply kit to be all set and ready for class.

There will be two separate art activities during the class.  One is making handwoven bookmarks, and the other is making coil constructions.  You can get more information on this free class by calling 218-733-7560, and you can learn more about what the Duluth Art Institute has to offer HERE.

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