2020 marked the year that wearing a mask became a norm for just about everyone in the United States.  It doesn't matter what your opinion is on them and if they actually protect us or not, they have been mandatory in pretty much every public business.  It's a part of life now, and even with the vaccines for COVID-19 rolling out, I would guess that for most if not for all of 2021, they will be a part of our daily lives.

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At least now there are plenty of mask types available to purchase.  In the beginning of the pandemic, finding one was not always the easiest.  You can go online or even to most big box retailers and find several options to fit your face.  Since they are now a part of everyday life, some people may want to know how to make them.

On Tuesday, June 19th, Whole Foods Co-op will be hosting a free mask making class from 6:00-8:00PM.  As a bonus, it will be free to attend and it's virtual, so you don't even have to leave your house.  The class will not only teach you how to make your own mask, but also how to customize it to fit your needs.  If not for you, you could always make them and give them as gifts, since it's something everyone needs.

Even though it is free to participate in, you will need to pre-register.  There is also a list of some basic sewing items you will need to put together your masks.  You can get the list and more information about the event and registering HERE.

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