The Living Art Tattoo Studio in Duluth was only able to re-open on Monday, by appointment only and everyone is required to wear masks.  Regardless of the fact that they have been closed for quite some time due to the COVID-19, they want to help out others.

That's one of the many things you'll get out of the crew there, generosity.  They truly care about others and they need your help to help out those in Minneapolis.  After the inhumane and unwarranted death of George Floyd, a few bad seeds that may or may not have even been part of the peaceful protests, looted and rioted.  I haven't heard any of the estimated numbers on damage, but from the photos and videos I've seen, it won't be a low amount.  Residents of the impacted neighborhoods rely heavily on a lot of the businesses that were destroyed or looted and this affects a community.

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In true Living Art fashion, they are collecting supply donations to run down to those in need.  Today through Saturday, the 6th of June, there will be an enclosed trailer located at 724 East Superior Street in Duluth.  From 10:00AM-2:00PM each day it will be unlocked for anyone to drop donations.  Items needed include:

Non perishable foods
Baby formula/ diapers
New toys for children
Medical supplies (think first aid kit/COVID-19)
Hygiene items
Cleaning supplies
Paper towels, paper plates and plastic ware

If you have any questions on what else might be needed, give Living Art a call at 218-722-4644, or shoot them a message on FACEBOOK.

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