Getting a New Tattoo With a View: My Experience at Living Art Studio in Duluth [SPONSORED]
I had been long overdue for some new ink and have used a couple of different shops in the past.  The first was in Springfield, Illinois where I learned what I don't like in an artist.  After a couple more tats locally I took a break from new ink for a while, taking my time to figure out what I wanted to get done.  I knew my next piece was something I wanted to really be proud of, something that wo
10 Nightmare-Inducing Eyelid Tattoos
Getting a tattoo is an awesome way to express oneself, but a decent amount of thought should go into getting inked because, well, they're permanent. We'll take a wild guess and say you might not be a fan of that eyelid tattoo in a couple decades, either.
13 Tattoos That Make Us Go ‘Whaat!?’
Of course we know tattoos are permanent, which means the tattooed should usually opt for a design they wouldn't mind having well into their twilight years. Luckily for us though, a lot of people don't think that through and go for the weird. Like, really weird.
Steelers Fan Gets Terrible Towel Tattoo
Pittsburgh Steelers fans are serious football junkies. Case in point: the guy that got an awesome full-size replica of the Terrible Towel tattooed in black on his chest. Sure, the Terrible Towels most often waved by fans at Steelers' games are bright gold, but that's really not important right now (and gold wouldn't show up the same way, so hush)...
Good News! Butthole Tattoos Are Now a Thing [NSFW VIDEO]
A tattoo can be the perfect artistic expression of something you feel very strongly about. Tattoos are no longer just for sailors, soldiers and inmates. A lot of people have them and a lot of people like to show them off. They have settled in the main stream. But are they for buttholes?