Yes it's been going on for a year now, but it's still a hot topic with firearm enthusiasts.  Ammunition is insanely hard to find, and when you do find it, the prices are high.

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Once in a while I've see the flash sales of bulk .223 or 5.56 but that goes fast.  Plus, if you don't shoot those on the regular, it's not much good for you.  The shortage of ammo has been blamed on political things, the pandemic, and supply shortages.  It's probably a combination of things because while I don't reload ammo, my buddies that do said it's been tough to even get good powder.

A lot of the big box stores don't even have it on the shelves and you have to ask for what is available.  Or if they do have any on the shelves, it's some weird caliber or it's some odd load shotgun shells.  Not really helpful for the guy that wants to plink with full metal jacket 9mil.  It's even been extremely difficult to find self defense rounds or even just a straight up hollow-point.  I've gotten to the point where I'm shooting a bit less than before just to keep some of my personal stock...stocked.

I do still get out to the range though, and Dead On Arms has always had plenty of plinking ammo in stock for shooting there.  They even have some to buy, which has been nice.  Hopefully whatever is causing the ammunition shortage or what combination of things is, will end soon.  We can finally mostly drop the masks, let's get the ammo back.

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