I own several different holsters now for my primary carry pistol, a Glock 43.  Oddly, the one that I use the most is a hard plastic type material one that sits in the waistband.

Multi Holsters are made in Michigan.  I ended up buying one because my brother who is a police officer and off duty will carry a lot more than me, said he tried others and liked this one.  For a Glock 43 they run right around $60.  There are other brands that look identical online for less money but I liked the made in America and close to me idea.  This month marks 2 years of me using this to carry.

It arrived quickly and my Glock clicks right in to place in it.  I carry on my right side and for the first few days, it was a little awkward.  There is nothing soft about the holster like some leather ones I have or my Alien Gear ones.  The lack of a soft surface though ended up being moot, as it didn't take long to barely notice it on me.  It's still in the same condition as the day I bought it and has held up to body sweat and your usual lint and dust.  The retention is just as tight as the day I bought it too, and it gets worn a lot.  It conceals very well too, even with just a t-shirt and jeans.

Multi Holster- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Multi Holster- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
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If you're carrying a smaller frame pistol and wanted incredible concealment and a well built and comfortable holster, check out Multi Holster.