As the COVID-19 vaccines continue to roll out, there are several options for where you can sign up to receive one.  After being denied a shot from my primary health care provider, I found openings at Walmart in Hermantown and met the criteria for the groups currently being offered a shot.

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I scheduled the appointment online right at and did have to do a search of "COVID-19 Vaccine" to get to the registration page.  I'm sure there is another link through their pharmacy section, but it wasn't easily visible when I was on.  I needed to create an account and then fill out their questionnaire.  It probably took about five minutes to get through the whole process.

I was able to find an appointment for 11:20AM the following day and arrived about a half hour early, hoping to get in earlier.  That plan didn't work out for a variety of reasons.  They were greatly understaffed in my opinion, with only one person registering people there for a vaccine.  After getting signed in, I was sent from the pharmacy to the customer service area at the front of the store.  I was fifth in line and by about 11:45 I was called to get the shot of the Moderna vaccine.

The shot felt like any other shot I have had, and they make you wait at least fifteen minutes before you can leave.  This is to make sure you aren't having a bad reaction.  Some people there had to wait for up to half an hour after, and Walmart staff said it's based on each individual's health conditions.  I felt fine when I left but about an hour later I had some muscle stiffness in my arm and neck on the side the shot was given and still do about five hours later.  Despite how long it took, I'm glad to have gotten the first dose and return on April 9th for the second.

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