With the massive announcement of Metallica returning to Minnesota just recently, I knew I was going to attempt to snag some tickets.

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I consider myself a pretty decent Metallica fan, but of all the concerts I've seen over the years, have never crossed them off the list.  I decided this time around I was not going to miss them and went into the buying process assuming a decent seat would cost me in the neighborhood of $500.  I needed two because I can't go without my Queen, and well, you do the math on what I was willing to shell out.

Using a Live Nation presale code that myself and I'm sure thousands of others were sent, I logged into Ticketmaster of puppets.  What's cool about the 2024 concert is that the tickets being sold are for two shows.  A first night and then a second night a couple of days later, promising two completely different sets of songs.

I found seats about 29 rows up from the main field clocking in at $380 each before the fees and other BS that comes with buying concert tickets.  The stage setup will be round and in the center of the field, and our selected seats face the stage on the sides instead of the ends, so I'm thinking they will be decent for views and hopefully for sound.

While I fully understand this purchase includes two banging nights of music including Mammoth WVHFive Finger Death Punch, and some version of Pantera, the service fees for each ticket are beyond insane.  I very wrongly assumed $50-70 per ticket.

Metallica Ticket Receipt Screenshot: Joe Danger
Metallica Ticket Receipt Screenshot: Joe Danger

Each ticket before the tax had $113.36 added to them which included an Order Processing Fee, Facility Charge, and Service Fee.  That right there is straight up robbery.  Especially considering Ticketmaster was obviously having site issues I'm guessing from the traffic, and the page was a major pain to even use while ordering from a desktop computer.

I'm all for businesses making money, but on an advertised $380 concert ticket, I should not have to give a company another $113 to make it all happen, even if it's for technically two shows.  Not to compare Metallica to Steve-O, but in comparison of sorts, my $41 Steve-O tickets only had $19.96 in the above listed fees.  I don't know what the solution is, but the Ticketmaster monopoly needs to go away.  They must have seen me coming knowing I was willing to spend around $500 a ticket to see Metallica.  Still, I can't wait for the show and despite really wanting to be down on the field, I know I'll enjoy every second of both nights while finally crossing Metallica off the list.

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