So while we are almost done with June, and basketball, and hockey seasons are done, or almost done; I figure it is great time to do a list of top five Minnesota sports related things you need to watch for for the rest of 2013 calender year. The list goes from what will happen first to the last event that will happen in the year. Hope you enjoy.

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    Chris Carter getting inducted into Canton

    Chris Carter will become the 12th Minnesota Viking to get inducted into Canton. Lets all go watch him as get becomes enshrined at one of greatest players to ever play football, and lucky for us he wore Purple and Gold for most of his career! Congratulations CC!

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    Where will the Twins end up?

    So we are almost at the half way point of this years baseball season; a lot of people are already making predictions on who will win the World Series. A lot can happen from now and until October, so while our boy from Minneapolis are only six games out of first place some people are thinking they have shot at the division crown; in reality the Twins will finish third in the division and will win somewhere around 80 games, give or take a few. That is not bad given the fact that the last two seasons we have seen this franchise lose almost 200 games. Watch to see if the Twins continue playing decent ball, if not watch to see if Gardenhire gets the boot.

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    Can the Wild take the next step?

    Hey we made the playoffs! Even if that did mean getting bounced out in the first round in five games, but heck this was the first time the Wild made the playoffs since 2008! We should be proud, or should we feel like it was a disappointing season given the fact that our owner spent almost $200 million on two players? I say this season was neither a disappointment or a success; it is what I would call a draw. Yes the Wild had a lot of rookies, but this team, with the amount of talent it had on the roster should of made it to the second round; but hey lets just do what all Minnesota fans do so well at just wait for next year. But what will next year bring? Can the Wild make the next jump and become Stanley Cup contenders like Chicago Blackhawks or the Pittsburgh Penguins? Or will they be the next Vancouver Canucks and just be happy getting into the playoffs? First: the Wild need to find an upgrade in net. Niklas Backstrom is getting old, and Josh Harding bless his heart for fighting MS,is unreliable. After finding your next goalie the Wild then need to bring in a top four line defense men, and then just build the chemistry with the younger guys. This team is only one or two moves away from hoisting the cup, but that all depends on Mike Yeo. Can Yeo coach in this league like the big boys can? Or will the Wild need to find a different coach next summer? Watch to see if the Wild add any pieces which will give them ammunition to make the next 'step".

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    How does Flip Saunders fix the T-Wolves?

    Some people in Minnesota think we do not even have a basketball team! The funny thing is who can blame people for forgetting about a franchise that has only moved past the first round of the playoffs once! and haven't been to the playoffs since last decade! Good news is that if any person has the ability to fix this franchise it is Flip Saunders, remember the last time the Wolves made it to the playoffs? It was Saunders who was coaching that team. No more David Kahn thank god; so with two first round picks in this years draft let's see if Flip can actually flip this franchise around and make them contenders again. Already Saunders has mended the relationship with Kevin Love, and now Flip needs to resolve some contracts, and with a few more pieces we might be able to see playoff basketball return to the Twin Cities in 2014. Watch to see if Flip has the mindset to turn this franchise around or will be become the next David Kahn?

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    Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl Champs?

    If any team in Minnesota is "due" for a championship it is the Vikings. This franchise is 0-4 in the Super Bowl, and is now 0-5 in the NFC championship game since their last appearance in the Super Bowl. This team has the talent on it's current roster to make a run at the Super Bowl. Making it to the playoffs was great last season, but with Adrian Peterson entering his prime, and given the fact that running backs can just have their production fall off the face of the earth at any moment, and with Jared Allen entering his last year of his contract should give the Vikings motivation to go "all-in" this season. Hoisting that Vince Lombardi trophy will only happen if Christian Ponder can continue to improve as quarterback. If Ponder can at least become a "game manager" then this team has a chance to make a run at the Super Bowl. Wouldn't it be romantic to send the Metrodome out with a bang like celebrating a Super Bowl victory? Watch to see if the Vikings can make a run at the top of the NFL.