A traffic advisory has been issued for the Juneteenth march in Duluth Friday (June 19th). The Duluth Police Department released the advisory this week of the marches taking place.

The march will take place in two different area locations: Bayfront Festival Park and Clayton-Jackson-McGhie Memorial. Marchers from both locations will head towards City Hall in Duluth.

To accommodate those taking part in the march, certain roads will be closed beginning at 3 p.m. The march begins at 4 p.m. for both locations.

Those kicking off the march from Bayfront Festival Park will walk up Harbor Drive, across the overpass on 5th Avenue West and then up 5th Avenue West, ending at city all. The following roads will be closed for this part of the march:

  • Harbor Drive below the entrance of Bayfront Festival Park
  • Harbor Drive from West Railroad Street westbound
  • The entrance onto Harbor Drive from West Railroad Street eastbound
  • Both overpass entrances from 35W onto Harbor Drive
  • Harbor Drive and Michigan Street
  • 5th Avenue West and Superior Street
  • 5th Avenue West and #1 Alley in both sides
  • 6th Avenue West and 1st street

Keep those closures in mind if you have travel plans or pass the area heading home from work.

Those starting at the second location of Clayton-Jackson-McGhie Memorial will walk westbound on 1st street and onto Priley Drive, also ending the march at City Hall. To accommodate those taking part, 1st Street will be closed at the following locations headed both northbound and southbound:

  • 1st Avenue East
  • 1st Avenue West
  • 2nd Avenue East
  • 2nd Avenue West
  • 3rd Avenue West
  • 4th Avenue West
  • Lake Avenue

According to the advisory, roads will reopen as soon as possible after the march.

Earlier in the week, Target announced they were declaring Juneteenth an annual company holiday.

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