Something that can be harder to do in the age of Amazon Prime and other online outlets like Etsy is to buy local.  With a few clicks you can have just about anything delivered to your door.  I'll admit that while I do engage in online buying quite often, I'm also a fan of seeing what I'm buying in person first, especially if it's on the more artistic end of the spectrum.

Coming up on Saturday, March 23rd, is the "Treasures of the Earth Green Goods, Craft, and Art Fair".  What you'll get at this free event is local artists and crafters selling a variety of items that are made of natural materials, recycled or even found items.  You get to shop not only locally made, but creative products the vendors have to offer.

It starts at 10AM and will run until 3PM and is being held at Peace Church located at 1111 North 11th Avenue in Duluth, Minnesota.  You can find out more information on this event by calling 218-525-5098.


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